GentleMax Pro

GentleMax Pro

Le Rêve Med Spa is equipped with state-of-the-art laser technologies for a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including the GentleMax Pro. This laser system can help with multiple aesthetic concerns including unwanted hair, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation and rosacea.

GentleMax Pro laser hair removal in Pasadena

The GentleMax Pro employs two highly effective and proven wavelengths to remove unwanted hair. For patients with lighter skin, it uses the 755 nm Alexandrite, and for patients with darker skin, it uses 1064 nm. The laser beam penetrates into the pigment of the targeted hair follicles and disintegrates the hair shaft without causing any harm to the surrounding healthy skin.* The result is that the dark terminal hair follicle gets permanently eliminated or replaced with a fine, light color vellus hair that is inconspicuous in appearance.

During the session, a small hand-piece is used to deliver an intense beam of light, which is then converted to heat and absorbed by the targeted cells. The GentleMax Pro laser system also involves a cooling spray that will usually avoid the need for topical anesthetic solutions. The larger spot size delivers high speed treatment over a larger target area.

Dr. Hany Zaki may recommend multiple treatment sessions for most patients.* Several treatments received 4-6 weeks apart from each other may be necessary to achieve long-term or permanent hair reduction.*

Le Rêve Med Spa recommends the GentleMax Pro painless laser hair removal to suitable candidates in Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia, Glendale CA, and surrounding areas. During your initial consultation, Dr. Zaki will listen to your hair removal goals in order to determine whether the elōs Plus or the GentleMax Pro is the better fit for your hair reduction needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

GentleMax Pro laser hair removal Video

Hyperpigmentation treatments in Pasadena

GentleMax Pro laser treatments utilize the power of laser energy to treat pigment-related skin issues (i.e. solar lentigenes, age spots, melasmas), and to even out the overall tone and condition of the skin. Treatments are both effective and comfortable, and do not require any post-treatment downtime.*

During your initial consultation, Dr. Zaki will assess the overall health of your skin in order to determine the severity of your hyperpigmentation. He will utilize this information to formulate a customized treatment plan (including in-office procedures and a home skincare program) that will address your pigmentation concerns and enhance the overall condition of your skin.* Schedule your complimentary consultation to get started!

Rosacea treatments in Pasadena

The GentleMax Pro laser system utilizes a dual wavelength laser platform to reduce facial redness, even out the patient’s skin tone, and reduce the appearance of unsightly bumps and veins. Rosacea treatments with the are mild enough for use on the delicate skin of the face, and do not require any post-treatment recovery time.*

Dr. Zaki can assess the overall health of your skin in order to determine the extent of your rosacea. He will use this information to build a unique treatment plan that will address your rosacea concerns and enhance the texture, tone, and overall appearance of your skin.* Give us a call at (626) 564-9025, or fill out our online booking form to request your free consultation.

Skin rejuvenation treatments in Pasadena

Lastly, the GentleMax Pro utilizes a dual wavelength laser platform to quickly and efficiently tighten and firm the contours of the face.* If you are searching for a safe and effective treatment to address wrinkles and folds, look no further.

Dr. Zaki and staff can assess your skin and determine the best skin rejuvenation treatment. We can develop a unique plan just for you. To learn more and to take the next step, call us at (626) 564-9025, or book your complimentary consultation today!

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

GentleMax Pro is Used to Treat:

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