Got Toenail Fungus?

Le Reve Med Spa is now offering laser treatment for toenail fungus in Pasadena! Although using oral medication is still very effective, it isn’t suitable for all people because of the risk of liver damage. By using laser to treat the fungus, we can safely and effectively help you achieve healthy looking toenails with out any side effects.  A minimum of 3 treatments are required in intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. The treatment is painless and only takes about 15 min per treatment. Through out the course of the treatment you will gradually see new healthy growth from the nail bed. This treatment is safe and affordable. We are very excited to offer this new treatment to all of our Pasadena neighbors and surrounding cities, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Glendale.

For detailed information please Call (626) 564-9025

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