Dermal Fillers: To Microcannula, or not.

Dermal Fillers have become one of the most popular Non- surgical procedures here in Pasadena, CA as well as all over the world.  The Procedure is quick, It’s affordable and yields immediate results and placed in the right injectors hand a simple dermal filler can make a world of difference for the patient. The most common dermal fillers are Juvederm, Vollure and Restylane, these products are all hyaluronic acid based and last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. Dermal Fillers can brighten your eyes by correcting under eye hollows, fill in deep wrinkles and folds or even add a little plump to your pout to create that perfect lip.

So now you’ve decide you want dermal fillers, you’ve decided you absolutely NEED dermal fillers but two questions still remain. Where in the world do I go? And what technique is right for me?

Le Reve Med Spa in Pasadena offers a variety of dermal fillers and our advanced injector is well qualified for the injection process with either the traditional technique or the microcannula technique. We welcome all of our Pasadena residents to try us out.

Many Injectors prefer the traditional sharp hypodermic needle technique. This technique works very well for certain injection sites however when working on delicate areas such as the under eyes or marionette lines most injectors have seen tremendous benefits in using the blunt- tip microcannula. The advantages of the Blunt-tip microcannula are significant. Virtually no bruising, considerably less pain, minimal downtime and one single entry point as opposed to multiple entry points with the traditional technique. There is also very strong reason to believe that the mechanical action of the microcannuala on the fibroblasts actually generates new collagen into the skin.  Can’t go wrong with new collagen! We all need a little bit of that!

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How much does restylane derma filler cost?

Cost of Restylane

Restylane Dermal Filler Treatments before and after photosRestylane is one of the most popular injections for those who are looking to reverse the signs of aging. The product consists Hyaluronic Acid that is a natural sugar made by the body. This injectible gel is used to plump out the skin, give it more softness and to smooth out wrinkles as well as fine lines.

It is also often used to plump up the lips instead of botox and silicone injections. This treatment is best done at a medical spa or a med spa under the supervision of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Hany Zaki. If you are in Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia or Glendale CA and are looking for an excellent med spa for restylane treatments, walk into the medical spa of Dr. Hany Zaki.

How much does restylane cost?

You should make sure that restylane injections are administered by a skilled doctor like Dr. Hany Zaki in a hospital or a medical spa. Local anesthesia is given before the procedure – especially if injections are going to be given to the lips. Most patients receive restylane treatments for about six months to maintain the youthful look. However, there is no fixed price for restylane procedures and the cost varies depending on the number of areas to be treated and the severity of the signs of ageing that need to be smoothened out.

On average, the cost of restylane injections can be between $350 and $800 for each syringe. You can hope for the cost to be covered by insurance only if restylane is needed for medical purposes. Any good medical spa like the one run by Dr. Hany Zaki will let you know about the cost and insurance details when you come in for consultations. If the procedure is for cosmetic purposes only, then you will have to pay for the treatments yourself. Often times, doctors also allow patients to make payments in installments.

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Is Restylane Derma Filler for You?

Restylane Overview

Restylane Cost before and after photosRestylane is a substance composed of Hyaluronic Acid and is used as an injectible filler. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is produced naturally in the body and this is why makes Restylane such a sought after product. As it is an injectible filler that is mainly used to remove wrinkles, plump up the skin and to smoothen nasolabial folds.

In this day and age when everyone is looking to reverse the signs of aging, Restylane offers a relatively safe way to smoothen wrinkles and rejuvenate one’s appearance.

How restylane works

Restylane is used to restore the levels of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the skin and this brings back the softness and suppleness of the skin. It also increases the skin’s volume, which makes the whole face look softer and more youthful. Apart from restoring the volume of the skin, it also fills out wrinkles and folds on the skin thereby giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Restylane can be used to smoothen out moderate wrinkles. The effects of restylane last up to 6 months. When you go to a med spa for plastic surgery procedures, restylane injections will be combined with other procedures like laser resurfacing and chemical peels to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Procedure for restylane

The doctor will inject small amounts of restylane into the skin of the area where the wrinkles are present. This is done to give the skin some structure and to hydrate it. This also increases the volume of the skin, which in turn smoothens fine lines and wrinkles.

For information on procedures and treatments at LeReve Medical Spa performed by Dr Hany Zaki for patients in Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank,  Arcadia and surrounding areas, please contact us at  626.564.9025.

Botox for Treating Depression

Botox for Treating Depression | Pasadena | Glendale | Burbank | ArcadiaWho knew treatment of wrinkles one day would offer a solution for treating depression? Yes, it is true. It happened when a dermatologist observed that a few of his patients were feeling relief from their depression after several sessions of Botox treatment for wrinkle reduction. This led to several studies to find out a connection between Botox and depression treatment. The findings are surprisingly good. Doctors in their research have observed that at times even a single injection of Botox to patients helps their depression go into remission.

How botox helps in depression treatment

Botox for depression is of course, not a very realistic treatment method. One reason is that effects of Botox wear off after three months. And another reason is the cost per session. Unlike wrinkle treatments, which may need a few injections, the treatment for depression doesn’t work that way. The added cost of the treatment for depression is a hindrance to its popularity. Botox treatment for depression is also not covered by insurance, which further stops patients from giving it a try.

Not all are convinced of the efficacy of the treatment. Yes, the research is in place and the further study is ongoing. However there are always people who are skeptical to anything new or path breaking. Botox may not be perfect for curing depression. It might support the patient’s treatment plan and if the patient is feeling relief from it, then it is a good idea to include Botox injections to the overall treatment strategy in a medical spa.

However, Botox alone is not enough for treating depression. It would only work in conjunction with psychotherapy for depression. Think of Botox as an alternative to anti-depressants or as a supplement to support the treatment.

For more information on procedures and treatments at LeReve Medical Spa performed by Dr Hany Zaki for patients in Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank,  Arcadia and surrounding areas, please contact us at  626.564.9025.

Botox FDA-approved for Crow’s Feet Treatment

Botox Crow’s Feet Treatment | Pasadena | Glendale | Burbank | GlendaleIt has been years since Botox has been officially used to treat wrinkles and fine lines, but not on the corners of the eyes. Botox works when it is directly injected in approved doses into the affected area paralyzing the muscle, which makes the skin appear smoother. Wrinkles and lines on the corners of the eyes or crow’s feet was one area where it was not allowed to be used. Now, after a decade of Botox use for various procedures Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it to be used for crow’s feet as well.

Le Reve Med Spa offers safe Botox treatments. Patients in Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia as well as Glendale CA can now avail Botox treatment for crow’s feet from Dr. Hany Zaki at the medical spa.

How the FDA approval for crow’s feet Botox treatment came about

The new approval by the FDA came after a successful study of around 800 patients who were selected to receive either Botox or a placebo injection to treat their crow’s feet. Subjects with Botox showed greater improvement than the ones with placebos.

Lines around the eyes are caused by repeated muscle contraction over a long period of time. Known as crow’s feet, these wrinkles are now visible on younger people too. This is largely due to stress, lack of rest as well as sleep and so on. The FDA-approval for Botox treatments for crow’s feet makes Botox use in this area is legitimate and now more people can take advantage of it to ease the appearance of lines from the corners of their eyes. The effects from Botox treatment for crow’s feet may last from three to six months.

This doesn’t mean it comes without any side effects. The most common side effect of Botox on crow’s feet is the fluid buildup in the eyelids, which causes them to become swollen.

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Botox for Acne Scar Treatments

Botox for Acne Scar Treatments | Pasadena | Glendale | Burbank | ArcadiaBotulinum toxin is generally used for removing fine lines and wrinkles from skin. Botox is also used for several other problems like neck spasms or severe cases of sweaty underarms.  Iit can also be used in the removal of acne scars. In addition to wrinkle removal procedures, plastic surgeons are now also using Botox injections for the treatment of acne scars. There is a lot of demand for cost-effective, safe and effective treatments for acne scar removal. The use of Botox for acne removal procedures is proving to be quite successful.

Le Reve Med Spa offers Botox treatments for acne scar removal. Patients in Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia and Glendale CA can now avail this treatment from Dr. Hany Zaki at his medical spa.

How Botox works on acne scars

Botox for acne scar removal is mostly used in conjunction with dermal fillers. The appearance of acne scars reduces after Botox is injected into the affected area. This is possible because Botox relaxes the area where acne scars are present. Lack of stress on the scars makes them less visible on the skin surface. Also just as in the case of wrinkles where Botox paralyzes the muscles to smooth out the area, similarly for acne scar removal too, Botox works by crippling the muscles of the skin pores.

The truth about Botox on acne scars

However, Botox alone is not enough to remove acne scars. Other treatments are needed to fill the scars as Botox doesn’t do that. Botox is also used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to prevent excess oil and sebum production in skin pores. This helps prevent acne and other problems that oily skin suffers from. For instance, Botox can help eliminate appearance of large pores from the skin.

Botox however, is not some miracle cure for acne scar removal. Like all procedures, this also works over a period of time and the results may vary for each patient depending on the severity of the scars.

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Botox Before and After Photos

Botox Before and After Photos

botox before and after photobotox before and after picture botox before and after pictures

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures for wrinkle treatment. Anyone not satisfied with the presence of wrinkles on their face or anywhere else on the skin, or anyone bothered by the appearance of fine lines on the face can benefit from Botox injections without the risk of surgery. Though safe the treatment might be it is still the duty of the surgeon to provide and the responsibility of the patient to obtain full information about the procedure before undertaking it. One great tool to educate patients is before and after images of a Botox treatment.

At the Le Reve Med Spa before and after pictures from Botox treatments are shown to the patients before they decide on the treatment. Patients in Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia and Glendale CA as well as surrounding areas can obtain this information from Dr. Hany Zaki at the medical spa.

Botox before and after pictures for educating clients

Botox is a popular procedure still all may not be aware of how this works or how the treatment can benefit them. Before and after pictures of a Botox treatment can help those with no information to understand how the process works and the results it can produce. It is also helpful for everyone availing the Botox treatment. Looking at before and after pictures from a Botox treatment by your preferred surgeon is vastly different from merely looking at images of before and after Botox treatment pictures on the Internet.

Botox before and after pictures for realistic expectations

Botox before and after pictures can also help patients have realistic expectations from the treatment. The pictures taken after each session can help them understand how the treated area looks after each subsequent session. You can also see how a specific procedure has been done by your surgeon. Qualified and professional doctors will not hesitate in showing before and after pictures to a patient who has come for a treatment for smoothing out frown lines. All the pictures are of course taken with the permission of the patients.

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How Much Does a Botox Treatment Cost?

Botox Cost | Pasadena | Glendale | Arcadia | Burbank Medical SpaThe cost of Botox treatments may differ based on many factors such as complexity of the problem, number of injections required for the treatment, expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure and the type of facility where the treatment is carried out. Still, Botox is quite affordable when compared with plastic surgery for the treatment of wrinkles and frown lines.

Le Reve Med Spa offers affordable Botox treatments for wrinkles and other problem areas. People living in and around Pasadena, Burbank, Arcadia, and Glendale CA and wanting to avail excellent treatment and care for Botox procedures can come to the medical spa for the same and get treated by Dr. Hany Zaki.

Factors determining Botox cost

The cost of Botox treatments is different for every patient as per his/her needs. The price depends on the area of the treatment and the extent of treatment required. Some patients may need only a few injections while others might need more resulting in added cost for the treatment.

The Botox cost will also include the plastic surgeon’s fees. Other factors that would determine the overall treatment cost may include a prescription for medications, cost of the surgical facility or any other. So it is imperative for both the doctor and the patient to discuss all cost factors before the treatment begins.

Average cost of Botox

According to the data released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the average cost of a Botox treatment in the United States can be anything from $300 to $500.  A few plastic surgeons may charge even more depending upon their expertise. Some treatment facilities might offer fixed rates for each procedure.These are just estimated figures. Each patient’s case will actually determine the cost of the treatment. Forehead wrinkle removal for someone might be more or less than $450.

For more information on procedures and treatments at LeReve Medical Spa performed by Dr Hany Zaki please contact us at  626.564.9025.